Kiki or Bobby?

I only have enough tokens for my first PD in the market. Which should I take? Kiki defense looks awful but offense 99 while Bobby is the defensive maestro but lacking shooting. Both have almost the same amount of badges

This is the lineup for reference

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I think it’d definitely be easier to find a PD sharpshooting card like Kiki than finding another Bobby

You’re probably right but that hof range is enticing

There will be plenty of good offensive forwards in S5 , i would go Bobby and i will in a few weeks unless new cards

Kiki would come in handy for OO ltd weeks.

I would still say Bobby, but it’s a matter of what you need most because one lacks a lot in offense and the other doesn’t have defense

Bobby. You can’t get defenders like him easily. You have guys like Croshere and Scal with HOF range for super cheap

Bobby Jones automatic. You need that Giannis stopper type of player on every “God Squad” and like another guy stated sharp shooters are plentiful.

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Get Diamond Glen Rice. He is deadly with his HOF Range and HOF steady. And he plays very good D. He just carried me to getting McHale.

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