Kids and Budget Balling

How many have kids that play myteam?

My son is a budget baller and it’s funny seeing him matchup against his budget baller friends.

It just sucks when people take advantage of the system and play against 10 years olds with bronze benches.


It’s a cold world in MTU bro.
It’s better if they play in “PWF” Mode.

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probably alot since the 3 dollar sell. these 2k streets are heartless tho

He’ll grow up quick and he’ll grow up mean. His fists will get hard and his wits will get keen.


My sons spoiled he gets to rip packs. nothing crazy but he has a good team. his problem is he cant make up his damn mind and hes constantly changing line ups. it kills his mt then he begs me for a “loan” he’s about 2 mill in the whole right now. smh. :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Seems like your son is no different than all of us. Except he gets loans.


Yeah I havent overall glitched one time this year. Sad 2k hasnt patched it yet.

Don’t have a kid or kids myself, but I would have my son/daughter VC glitching and transferring mt between the both of us. STICK IT TO 2K