Kidd Spotlight Series: 2KG Community Challenge Breakdown. Please Contribute

Thanks to @2KGamer anyone can edit this post! Please feel free to add/edit requirements as you pursue Pink Diamond Richard Jefferson


All players are required.

Game Difficulty Quarter Length Players Required Requirements Reward
1 Rookie 3 min Win
2 Rookie 5 min Kidd, Jackson 5 Steals with Kidd
3 Rookie 6 min Kidd, Jackson 25 Assists with Kidd
4 Pro 4 min Kidd Win
5 Pro 5 min Kidd, Hot Rod, Chapman Double-Double with Kidd
6 All-Star 5 min Kidd, Hot Rod, Chapman 45 pts with Kidd
7 All-Star 4 min Kidd, Hot Rod, McDyess, Chapman 12 asts with Kidd
8 All-Star 4 min Kidd, Hardaway Win
9 Superstar 5 min Kidd, Hardaway Win
10 All-Star 5 min Kidd, Martin, Kittles, MacCullough Win
11 Rookie 4 min Kidd, Martin, Kittles, Van Horn, MacCullough 5 steals with Kidd
12 Rookie 6 min Kidd, Martin, Kittles, Van Horn, MacCullough Triple-double with Kidd 1800MT
13 Superstar 5 min Kidd, Kittles, Martin Win 1875MT
14 Superstar 4 min Kidd, Kittles, Martin Win 2000MT
15 Superstar 4 min Kidd, Carter Win 2500MT
16 Superstar 5 min Kidd, Terry Win 5000MT
17 Superstar 6 min Entire Kidd Spotlight set Win 7500MT + PD Jefferson

Game 1:
win the game

Game 2:
5 steals with JKidd
Requires JKidd and Jim Jackson.

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Spotlight challenges have became my favorite part of this game.


brutal, 5 steals in game two?

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Game 3
25 assists
6 minute quaters

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But it’s on rookie. I got it in 8mins.
Just fullcourt press and double, they drop the ball often.


Players required?

Jim Jackson
Same as game 2


double in settings or manual?

Mods can we get this as a wiki again?


Everytime the ball handler crosses half court they do a little hesi move. Steal the ball then

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4th game is just win the game you only need Jason Kidd

4 minute quarters
Pro difficulty

Just used Kidd in a spotlight challenge for iggy cus the Kidd collection is expensive rn, he got 4 steals in a 4 minute 1st quarter.

How do you double? I thought it was L1 trigger but whenever I press it, it doesn’t seem to do anything.

Hold it down instead of press it, if you press it will usually bring up the icons and then you would need to hold the icon of the player you want to double with specifically.

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Ok, on PS4, is the L1 trigger? I’ll try it tonight - holding instead of just pressing.

Yup, L1 on PS4/LB on Xbox.


Sure thing :+1:


Anyone on game 5? I beat it and it didn’t complete. Just says win the game

Beat Game 5 or 4 and didn’t complete? I’m just finishing up Game 4 now.