Kid disrespects Cam Newton at football camp

Kids today aren’t respectful of their elders for sure. The kid kept yelping at Cam that he was a free agent
and that he would be broke etc in a disrespectful manner and Cam had to regroup and gather himself.

Cam volunteered to be at the camp and didn’t have to do it but he did and this is how some kid decided to repay him when Cam was trying to give back.


This is the generation. It’s been with every generation but it continually gets worse. Starts with parenting. So many terrible, terrible parents out there.


He should’ve just kicked him out the camp

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He released an apology, and he even tried to justify what he did.

This isn’t competitive nature lol, this is just being a jerk. Respect to cam for having to put up with that




That doesn’t sound like something a kid would write. It sounds like what the parents would write for the kid.


kid is disrespectful when he matures a bit he will see how embarrassing his actions were , Cam is a great pro props to him for just being him .

nothing really to see here , kid made a poor mistake and regrets it , i’m sure he feel like shit embarrassing himself on the internet also sure Cam forgives him


Wasn’t Cam’s camp. He was asked to speak and he volunteered to do it.

Cam actually spoke to the kids father from what I understand.

Even if he didn’t write it, the apology still sucks lol

Well, uh…this was unexpected. He went at Cam’s neck.

Respect to Cam for dealing with the situation like a professional.

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didnt he like lose a scholarship?

Adults talk shit @ Eli Manning

yea kid was out of line, but the adults thats in all his tweets being hoes, is lame.

The lack of respect these days my god. Heckle a pro at a football camp that is there to help y’all?

Cam said “I’m rich” to which the kid responded “you’ll be broke soon” or something to that affect.