Has anyone tried both? Who is better? I know obviously Karl is waaay cheaper but without looking at price, who is the better option?
Total stats are almost equal. I really want to know how consistent their 3PT Shooting is (I will keep a +6 Open 3 Shoe on them all the time) and of course how good they are in general…

I haven’t tried either, but I would probably prefer Malone over KG. Malone has 94 speed with a 90 open shot 3. End of story. And he has the same release as Porzingis which is the best release in the game probably. KG’s release is booty cheeks.

KG has 90 speed and a 92 open shot 3. I actually don’t mind his release once you get it down, it’s just a little slow.

The biggest difference between the 2 is the 15 HOF badges compared with Malones 9 and the defense you get from KG. HOF defensive stopper, HOF rim protector, HOF hustle rebounder … You also got a two inch height difference. For me, it’s not even close, KG is the much better card if you are not factoring in cost.

With all due respect to attribute and badge comarisons, has anyone used both? As most of us know Animations and the Player Model mean more than attributes.

Ive heard the KG release is terrible, while the Malone release is butter. +1 Malone.

KG would have to get the length edge as height alone, but I believe he has a freaky wingspan. +1 Garnett

If not factoring cost I would probably go Garnett as well. But he’s like 700k minimum. You can get Malone for 125k. Based on that, the choice should be Malone all day.

Just because of that unplayable ugly head model KG has, he is totally unplayable.


I have both. Sadly Malone is much better.

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Don’t fret. I locked in Webber and had to play Pippen over him. And this malone appears better in every way too.

Malone is about BIN on XB1. Where will his price settle?

I’m guessing 85/100k range

Unless they drop more power forwards

Think they would try to release an AD? Dude had a monster game to close out the series. Although they might get bumped next round.

I wouldn’t be suprised with a pink diamond AD

also the time pd Porzingis is out I expect more pullable pink diamonds

When you look at attributes that matter. And how important the release and animations are, this Malone has no business being BIN.

I have just started messing with mine, did a Play In game against a decent opponent, and Malone is a beast on the break, secondary break, and after a made basket if the opp is sleeping. I do not SPAM made basket fast breaks, but do sprinkle them in. In the half court if malone gets a sliver of space on a ball rotation and gets a step on his man, it ends in a violent finish at the rim. No Matter who is in his way. Feels a bit like Lebron in that sense.

For anyone using Lebron at the 4, this is an improved option due to the Block rating, Off Reb Rating, and the sneaky important Hustle rating.