KG looks like the best opal Giannis stopper

Hof Def Stopper
Hof Rim Protector
92 on ball
97 low post D
97 block
97 shot contest
85 steal
90 strength(now)

Looks like the prime candidate to slow down Giannis because i doubt he can be completely stopped. Anyone else crafted better?


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I can shut down your average player who tries to cheese with opal giannis, but the guys on here will annihilate me with him. I would say opal wilt is the best currently.

Better than Russel tho?


+1 for bill russell. Only thing KG has on him is an inch. His offense isn’t even much better than bills considering his borderline unusable release.

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There’s no 1v1 Giannis stopper.

His dribble moves create way too much space and he has 99 strength, so he can blowby through contact.

Wilt is still the best because he’s 7’1 and has huge wingspan which helps with contesting those crazy dunks and layups.


Bill Russell man lol

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Game favors offense too much.

If you have a competent dribbler noone can stop Giannis. Not even another GO Giannis.
And if you actually stop him, his fade is money and can’t be contested because of that ridiculous wingspan.
If you jump, it’s an easy fake into foul.

You need help defense.

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+1 for Russell. But honestly… I’ve been running GO Giannis AND Russell together in TTO. lol. So fun.

Honestly K Malone kinda stops GO Giannis at the 1 for me.

I’ve won 4 out of 5 games against that card, although the users weren’t spectacular.

I never ran into an Opal Giannis user that ca .do any of this. Bill best guy to guard 1-4 in the game.

Yeah Bill Russell is the most equipped defensively to slow down Giannis. I was so excited when i first got him.

But after quite a bit of games i realized that he was too much of a liability on offense at PF and at C he consistently got outrebounded by 7ft centers. I love Bill as a defender but he just didnt have all of the tools to stay on my team.


Have the same issue with bill, when he runs to the 3pt line and catches the ball, the opponent knows the risk of missing is worth leaving him open.

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When I play Bill I bring him in at the 1 and put shooters around him. He can post and kick to open shooters.

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Russell is a God. Love this card so much.

Orange CP3s

I use mine like Draymond. Sprint down the court and dunk or drop a dime.

Corner Specialist and Catch and Shoot and he can hit corner 3s.

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Ill have to stop hesitating taking the 3 then. I have the cp3s and i guess ive just got use to shooting with my pf that i forgot how to use russel strengths lol

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I use mine at the 4 exactly the same as @Kobe6Rings

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Still Bill Russell.
I’m okay with Karl Malone.