Kevin Love Shoe

I’ve got both the blue KDs and orange CP3s. Anyone using Love that has found a good combination of shoe/coach?

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I haven’t experimented yet but this K-love is the perfect PF, they made him way too good

Love shoe lol


I think the blue kds are it for klove. A swb bump isnt gonna make him much faster. But reg speed and contested 3 go good w him. Esp w dantoni


Do you know what takeover love gets with greg pop w the blue and white kds?

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Got to do a little testing…

With Kerr and no shoe: Glass Cleaner/Sharpshooter
With Kerr and white KDs with blue swoosh: Glass Cleaner/Sharpshooter
With Kerr and black stripe adidas: Glass Cleaner/Post Scorer

I think im sticking with the KDs. As much as I love Post Scorer takeover, the post control shoes that give that to hkm dont add much to him as a player

I’m looking to get sharp/glass with Pop. I don’t know what shoe will do it

Speed shoe would be perfect with D’antoni. A +9 speed would make him excellent as he comes off screens for 3pt plays

I dont dude. I havent used pop @ all this year. My best guess would still b sharp/glass. Kloves stats defensively arent great. His 3ball n rebounding stats r great so i would think since hes so strong in both 3 n on the glass he prob keeps those takeovers.

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Since i have klove I’ll need to rack up on injury cards too.

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With no shoe he’s getting post/glass w pop.

Maybe I’ll do a few test with some silver and bronze shoes befire investing in a di shoe

Just ask around a little more im sure someone knows

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Better than porzingis?

He’s not better than Porzingis. I have them both.

Anyone find a way to bring his overall to a 97 with D’Antoni?