Kenny got work

This man just did something where he knocked me off of my network to start the game. He instantly paused and a second later, a network connection error popped up. It showed his coaching menu behind it. These pro am guys are ruining myteam. I was looking forward to playing him. What gives with these dudes?

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Dude, imagine if we had 3rd world war today, you’d have problems going outside without being heavily armed, humans for you. Will do whateva it takes to get their, its just how it is. And the more humane you’re the more your brain gets hurt by some stuff others do, sadly cant do shit about it.



Tell me about it. On my drive in today, this dipshit was parked to drop their kid off at daycare, on one of the busiest streets in Philly, in the middle of a parking spot that had to be 30 feet long, and this motherfucker leaves the ass end of their car three feet into the fucking traffic lane so everybody had to keep stopping.

I’ve tried to be Zen about shit like this, but it just defies all rational logic and explanation why somebody would do this. You must literally have zero consideration for other people, I’d bet it didn’t even cross their little idiot mind.

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Im with you Brodie, I’ve become a little more zen with it , have a good saying you might like
“ Sometimes you just got to stay silent cause no words can explain the shit that’s going on in your mind & heart “

Did you get the lost? Or the game didnt count?

Red x gang (loss)

Damnnnnn. I wonder what he did lol or if it was just 2ks shitty servers

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Don’t think so. Soon as he paused before tip, knocked my whole connection off. Like I didn’t have service. Router was fine. WiFi good on everything but Xbox which was wired.

Think it was a lag switch or something?

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Alot of people dont know theres a website you can pay. Itll ip boot your opponent from the match. I believe its a federal crime if caught though lol

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It happened in streamline sequence. Instantly.

Right. No countdown. Kicked my Xbox straight offline. It for sure wasn’t a 2k server or internet service issue.