Kemba Rumors

Apparently the Pacers are eyeing a possible Kemba signing this offseason. I know it’s not the biggest news going into free agency but I think a backcourt composed of Kemba and Oladipo could be very deadly and they could be a sneaky good team next year. Any thoughts?

Does kemba want to play in Indiana though

That’s the thing I don’t really know if Kemba wants money or if he wants to play for a good team, and apparently the Magic are very interested in him as well

If Kemba’s smart he’ll take his money. He won’t win a chip on any of these teams. Get paid!


The only team that could lure him away from his super max is the Lakers, but I think him on Indiana would be a cool backcourt

Then never say you care about winning and the hornets be dumb to even offer that not make the playoffs

Unless he’s off to a contender, it dones’t matter how much he cares about winning. He won’t win.

I honestly would love for the Celtics to restructure some contracts and let go of Kyrie and add Kemba

Charlotte is not going to give him the supermax. They’d be over the cap with a really average team in a small market

At least he competing in the playoffs and not out of the playoffs every season. Hornets have too many bad contracts to be giving a super max.

Yeah, this isn’t Frank Kaminsky III we’re talking about here… MJ only gives big contracts to lanky white boys lol

Been a hornet’s fan since day one and as much as I want Kemba here in Charlotte I want him to get a ring.

I also want to see him get to showcase his talent to the world. Get him on a good team and watch out.

If he wants money he stays in Charlotte. If he wants a ring he goes but I don’t see the Pacers. Might as well stay in charlotte.

Also too say he won’t compete isn’t right. He could join player like a Lebron Kd or even an Kawhi he got a good shot.

Frank Kaminsky was All-NBA this year…146th team All-NBA

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The Pacers are underrated AF… adding Kemba to the mix would make them a legitimate threat in the East. :man_shrugging:t2:


That’s what I am saying people are saying he might as well stay in Charlotte rather than going to Indiana. I think Indiana can be really good with those two paired together


lol he aint leaving that money, maybe if he wasint gettin super max ? Now? doubt it.


That has the makings of a nice, young team right there.


As a hornets fan I am upset that he made the all nba team, we just lost like 50 mil