Keife is the best guard in this game


He’s a demon I don’t disagree at all

this is crazy as hell

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Zu is so salty bruh


And this guys are two locks , he is just a regular offensive threat 6 2 :rofl:he is crazy

They use two locks , they can’t be mad . Keife already beat him two times , crazy

The guy is so fast

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All these guys seem the same to me. Not saying they ain’t good, but it’s all the same to me.

You play park ?
I can assure this guys moves so fast in compare to regular users of this sizeup . And his doing double BTB and crazy things , on this court against two top players .
A regular Player will not score a legit bucket there


Oh I know I play 2s and pro am-rec. it feels like they got 100+ speed.

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Yeah ever since he beat geesice he been going crazy