Keep Signature Limited Kareem OR Sell?

No.495 so not a special card lmao

Pros: HOF Badges (Def Stopper, Rim protector); Inside score king; Good modelling Giant, Speedy Centre

Cons: No 3-pointer shooting, overall stat is bit obsolete

What do you guys think of his future price? Sell or Nah (If only considering from an economic perspective)

Sell. There’s better enters already for equal or less price (Hakeem and Cousins). And there will be a better Kareem anyways.


There’s gonna be a better one soon whetther it’s in The token market or packs, you better believe they’re dropping a 3pt Kareem


Kind of to late he only going for 120k, I only use the unlimited one and he was a beast for me I know the limited one is godly I’ll keep

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UPDATE: I listed him on for 12 hrs, Happy Bidding fams :wink::wink: