Keep going after PD Webber?

It’s been asked within other threads but I thought I’d see what everyone thinks about this.

I’m very close to getting Webber. Will have him within a few days.

I’ve been going with the assumption that I will keep going for PD JR Smith and GO Giannis but now I’m not so sure. I’m basically sitting on 1.5M worth of cards in order to keep my collector level up. I’ve got all the PD reward cards and PD Magic, PD Giannis, Granger, AK47, PD Manu, PD Larry Johnson. And will probably get PD Hakeem and PD Dr. J. And any other Unlimited rewards that come out after February. Also I have about 1 million MT available.

To me it could be a waste of time buying up cards to have enough for JR when that tied up MT could buy a PD T-Mac and PD Jordan to hold down the SG spots before JR is even available. I know that JR card looks absolutely nasty, but to be honest he’s never been my favorite player to use in 2K. He will be just one of many pretty good options I will have at his position, especially if new Unlimited rewards come out.

Then when it comes to Giannis, obviously he’s going to be one of best (if not THE best) cards in the game but when will he even be possible? Will the final 10 cards needed to unlock Giannis be like 400k cards that I don’t even want? Is it worth the waiting and effort to get him? We could also see another auctionable Giannis that is significantly better than the newest PD, i.e. a 98 OVR that comes in March or something. We saw that with Kobe a few years ago.

What do you guys think? Is Webber the final stop on this collector level train? Or do I keep going simply because I got this far?

I sold up after webber (all my TB elites) but then after the code yesterday I bought them all back cause of their prices so I’m going for GO giannis again haha I’m 180 away from pd jr but yeah man it’s a hell of a grind bro

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The key to this is not locking in sets man you wont need every single card I dont think anyway so everything will be resellable after its done

You could sell every card back

Yes you might as well go for Galaxy Opal Giannis. Probably shouldn’t have went for Webber at all. 2000 cards is a lot for C Webb. No sense in stopping after that. At the rate cardsa are dropping. None of those rewards will be better than some of the upcoming anniversary players except Giannis and AK.

That JR looks wild man


Honestly just don’t lock in the anniversary cards because they will hold value and if you need the mt while already being that close as more historics come out you can just get them because those sets are only 30-40k anyways, be paicent with it you already have enough cards to not really stress over it,

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I’m slowly selling after hitting AK - should be able to make a profit in the end.

It’s not worth the extra investment to me for CWebb/PD JR right now, we are close to a stream of OP releases.

I would like to go for Giannis at some point, but I assume it will only be possible at the end of summer after the price of most cards has tanked. Right now to keep pace is way too expensive.

I also want the GO Shaq, I assume that set is going to be over 1M to lock.

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Yeah but I wouldn’t lock in a 10 card set for J.R… Let alone over 2000 cards… I know the collection levels aren’t locked in, but you’re going to have to spend a lot of money for J.R. I’m sure he will get a diamond card.

I’m 47 cards from Webber. I briefly entertained going for JR or Giannis, but it would take too long and too much MT, and since I’m rolling Sixers this year it just doesn’t make sense. I’m 2 weeks and 1 day from Webber, it’s killing me.

Nah I wouldnt lock sets but maybe like a month after JR is available… I might dump 500k to get him then sell back

Im a huge Webber fan but I can’t help to chuckle a bit when you mention him on Philly. Wasnt he a shell of himself at that point?

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Philly don’t have many options lol. I struggled trying to make a New Orleans team. It’s hard.

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what if Philly picks up JR though? :thinking:

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cp3 tyson west peja mo pete ad jrue rondo anderson gordon

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Idk how I left off Mo Pete. I guess because I only grabbed cards with New Orleans uniforms.

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He should be dirt cheap today

Imo there are only 2 goals on collector’s level ladder… You either go for AK47 and stop after that (that’s what I did) or you go all the way down for GO Giannis. If you’re already close to C-Webb you should definitely go for Giannis. Especially that you’re sitting on 1 mil mt. You can always sell Granger, Magic, PD Giannis if you will need more mt and then buy them back after selling all cards. Imo this is a no brainer in your situation. Go for Giannis.


I went for AK too and sold back. Might go for Giannis after all star break. I like Webber but think blake looks better and webb will prob get an opal

Yup. I’m going for Giannis and I’m only at 1,400 cards.