Kd went to new york to get evaluation

So, it looks like kd doesn’t trust gsw staff, or am i missig something?https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.si.com/nba/2019/06/11/kevin-durant-achilles-injury-latest-news-new-york-golden-state-warriors

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hes just getting familiar with them


I mean they just played in Toronto and New York is so much closer than California…

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yes and maybe the best doctors are in NY

That is definitely something. He could have went anywhere in the world, but he chose NY. That Warriors medical team cleared him to play. I’m sure he wanted to come back I bet he has some resentment towards the staff at GS

Thats what I thought, maybe a second opinion? But, why wouldn’t he travel and get help in the bay? Is there a dr out there that players prefer over everyone else? Maybe hes just trying to speed up the process?

Maybe, but why be mad if thats what you wanted to do? Cowherd is saying that some people on the staff advised kd not to play and he still did.

Isnt this the same thing Kawhi did that stirred up so much controversy?


I think so.

NY likely has some of the best specialists in the world. This is a non story.


Ya really overthinking this :joy:

Yeah this is much more likely a case of top notch specialist location rather than a hint at location of future playing career

I still believe Kd going to the Knicks. The Knicks still going to throw the max at Kd. The Knicks then should just let Kd rest and tank another season for trade bait.

KD not coming here

Its normal for stars to see other Drs. I’d probably get a second opinion myself. And yeah New York has much more DRs than let’s say Ohio -_-

KD is gonna opt in to his final year of his deal. Get paid to rest a year. Then we offer him a max deal in 2020. Or we work out a deal this summer.

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Why? A team will still will give KD the max right now. Teams got spend their cap anyway.

He put his Achilles on the line for us…i feel he wouldn’t have went out there with risk if he wasn’t in 100 pct. And the way all the brothers, gm, and coach rallied around him. I think he actually likes it here buddy. He loves us, and we love him. That’s why he’s staying. Win with your brothers? Why not. Man I got emotional when I saw KD dancing pregame. Just trying to turn up. Talk shit to Fred. And drain. 3s. That’s all he wants to do…i make real points for him staying…it’s reality…all the other stuff like $$ is included new arena check

I believe he played because of public reception. Kd cares too much about what people think about him. I don’t see the purpose of opting in at 31m if teams like the Clippers Knicks are going to offer him the max this offseason.