KD vs Lebron

Who are you guys leaning towards. I sold most auctionable players on my team to go after one of the 2. I was leaning towards Lebron but I don’t wanna spend all that MT on a pink diamond to have him loose value or outclasses so quick with it being OPal szn. I think KD will be easier to stomach throwing 400mt since he won’t be outdated so quick

Kd will hold value longer if that’s what you’re worried about
Kd has better animations also and can do more than Lebron
Lebrons only sell point is he can play point
Watch @EarvGotti video on kd and you’ll be sold

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This is what the current team looks like before I fill in pieces

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Due to you’re mt sell Shaq and pick up the Amy (honestly not much difference)
Move Mitchell to the two get cp3/Westbrook/Nash as point
Get Kd for the 3 and Giannis at the 4


feel like its not a good idea to sell everything for one player. But id go Kd

The only opals that will crash LeBron price, are Magic and pg LeBron. I don’t think any of those are on the horizon. We’ll get a prime super pack and/or another opal SF before a opal Magic or opal pg LeBron.

KD is more likely to crash before LeBron but he can also bounce back depending on the prime II set reward.

KD is the better card and a better fit base off your lineup.

It’s so late in the year. I just wanna try the cards I like at this point. But ima have to ya wait til tonight to grab KD y’all. I missed my window when he was going for like 390-400. Now everybody waking up he going to 460 easily

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Update guys: since I knew you were just dying to find out how I changed my lineup

I added KD for around 410 and sniped RWB for 40. Still looking to add a shooter at the 2. I’m thinking that Petrovic or Buddy since they kinda in my range with what I have left.

First game with KD he really can score from anywhere


Looking to grab KD as well. His 430K is too much. Ima probably grab him later but it’s everything I have. It’s worth it KD cards are endgame

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