KD to New York Rumors

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Clickbait title. No new information in article.

Absolute bollocks.


Lol yea kds gonna leave what they got goin to go to the knicks :joy::joy::joy:


Edited Topic title so that it’s not so misleading.

Especially when it comes to threads discussing rumors, be more careful about your titling.

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Harry who made that avatar for you?

Never clicked a topic so fast

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Lol I ain’t buying it. Next

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I am.

:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: that’s all I have to say.

Clippers kwaha team Lakers bron team. KD get another ring. He going lead his own team next with a young Zion or RJ he can help develop. I fill that be his next chapter in his career.

The NBA is rigged they’ll end up getting the #1 pick and getting Zion. Everything is cyclical and Adam silver wants Knicks fans money

It’s an empty article. It’s possible that KD does go to Knicks. Possible he stays with Warriors. Possible he goes somewhere else.

But nobody knows what he’s going to do. KD himself may not know what he’s going to do.

Now hear me out Johnny but what If it does happen

PD KD Confirmed

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You know what…that was a good one

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Thank’s man :smile:

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Harry I like to imagine that he has an elaborate scheme planned out on a cork board in his closet. Everything that has happened this season was orchestrated by him.

Never have I ever seen so many hopes and dreams pinned upon a superstar leaving a Dynasty in his prime to go to a worse team and clearly disastrous franchise.

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Are you talking about KD to the Knicks or AD to the Lakers?

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AD to the Knicks and KD to the Lakers