KD rings vs Kawhi rings (2/2/21) They play tonight!

I understand that based off talent and longevity, KD ahead of Kawhi, but if kawhi gets another one before KD, given who KD got his two with, does that put Kawhi ahead of him


KD’s move to GS was the weakest in sports history, but KD is a league above Kawhi


Ahead on what specially ? If he gets one more he will have 3, like Steph and almost like LBJ
Taking in consideration that ,all the top league players are pretty close on ring counts

Kawhi isn’t in KD’s tier. KD will retire in the top 5-7 all-time.

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Man have you watched the two players actually play? C’mon now if rings was the only argument we should be bowing down to Bill Russell lol


Kawhi was a much more important piece to his rings than KD was, but KD is still a better player overall. Kawhi not having a season MVP nor as many seasons avg 25ppg+

Yall gotta remember Kawhi JUST became a top tier player in the league, while KD has been since maybe 2011.

I dont think even two more rings would put Kawhi over KD

Dont let media narratives cloud your judgement

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We should be

Historically KD is on a whole different level

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I love KD and people Jeep underestimate Kawhi … KD is better player than Kawhi for me , I don’t criticize people for seeing him as the best in the league since 2017, but KD needs to win being the face of his team like Kawhi , Steph and LBJ done


What does this even mean?

Its hard to rank Kawhi all time. Hasn’t been a superstar as long as some of the other all timers but his peak was great. Closest comparison could be Bill Walton. Special title runs as the man and key role piece for the other title. Short peaks as well, since injuries fucked Walton and Kawhi is load managing this early. KD is probably top 15 right now. Kawhi isn’t close to that


I respect a lot guys that can win as the main player of the franchise , I feel like KD is the one now on the Nets .
Steph won on his team , LBJ and Kawhis too

He has done a lot in 9 years , let’s see

I was gonna come in and say “Lebron” just to ruin the thread but I see @Pedronqneves mentions him in the 3rd post already. Guess a thread without Lebron really can’t happen. Haha


So your saying the warriors wasn’t kds team, even though he won finals mvp each time they won?

:rofl: I’m talking in favor of him actually

No it wasn’t on any means , that team beat him the year before and have a 73 Ws without him , and a ring .
Any Decent SF would win there


KD was out for a year and came back like nothing happened. That man is a different breed. I respect Kawhi, but when KD retires he’s top 10 all time in my book, Kawhi isn’t close to that.


How does that mean anything? When kd came, the ball went to him when they needed a bucket.

Oh I know. I just thought it was a cool idea that I could read something that wasn’t LBJ vs whoever.