KD price check

Stuck in class until 10pm cst tonight. What are the KDs ending at?

he will be BIN soon low 3pt stat

Lol i doubt that


I have like the 7th up. Hoping he goes for too much. Then possibly buy him back for cheaper later.

that would be dope!

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There are so many in he AH right now. I’d imagine Best time to try to get him is now since many people will just give up and bid on the next one if bids get too high

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Mine went for 225k. I just found Oscar at BIN so ill probably call the a win and if KD drops more I might pick him up. I thought I found a deal getting Vince Carter at BIN but apparently that happens during crashes.

Damn KD going for 150 already

Mine sold for about 220k about an hour ago

Is Oscar back for bin? Ps4 btw

Worth copping?

Definately copping this card before he goes up again

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Hell yeah

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Before you responded just got one for 155k with a diamond contract

Good shit. Yeah he must be getting pulled hella he’s cheap as fuck. So good.

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Is it worth the price over a fully badged amy?

Never had the Amy cause it looked trash tbh. This diamond is better than Granger .

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Boutta cop a pair of red kobes an slapping them on him he’s gonna be some cheese with Kerr as my coach


I was gonna do kobes but I can’t do 88 3 on a 95 diamond wing. I copped the white pgs