KD, Bird and Carmelo

I know there is crazy hype for KD coming later today and I cant wait to see the release of stats and badges on MTDB because…

I cant imagine it can be a better 2way card than Bird. Sure KD will have the shooting badges and be a bit faster than Bird, but no way the defense can match up.

For Carmelo, I also can’t see this KD card topping. KD will get HoF difficult shots, but I wouldnt expect much better defense. When you factor in the strength the defensive edge is likely going to Carmelo.

KD will maintain crazy value for anybody going for Blake. 2K knows this and I expect them to factor this into the KD stats/badges. Meaning I do not see anything unrealistic or crazy such as Defensive Stopper or Pick Pocket coming. I could see one of Hustle Rebounder or Rim Protector, but thats about it for defensive badges.

If you are HYPED for KD, is it because:

  1. Need him to get blake.
  2. Huge fan of KD
  3. You believe player model/animations outplay any badges/attributes?

Curious as to which of the 3 it is for most of you folks.

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1,693rd KD Post. Nice.

KD has an easier shot to rime than Melo.

KD will likely be faster than Bird.

KD will be the best card to date, and will likely become my starting SG/ SF.


Whatever is cheapest

KD will be the 4th best card behind GO, PD2, and PD1 Giannis.

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Just dont see him being better than melo

I’ll go #3


He will be melo has an uncanny way of having all the stats and still being a shit streaky card I mesn That’s like real life but still

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Having plays is just that 4th dimension

I dont have that issue. Theres nobody that can really stop melo. Well the way that i use him.

Maybe you can pm me some tips he dosent even run in my lineup him or Kobe or Lebron they don’t fit my play style

Check pm

all 3

At this point of the game it’s all personal preference, which is why I start Pete over jr, obviously jr is the better card but I prefer Pete

Yeah what do you do that makes melo much better than the kd?

If kd has speedwball, strength, better defense stats than melo it’s a cop. He’s so lanky and has nice animations. That’s what puts him over the edge for me

KDs jumpshot animation is elite, arguably the best named jumper in the game. And his pull-up is pretty great.

And he’s a long 6’9” wing. If he gets good strength his defense will be elite.

I’m hyped cuz i love his release and i need that Blake, since i have nothing to do. Plus see his snake ass with a thunder jersey will be great lol

#3 and also because he has the 3pt plays in the order I like.

Big believer in #3 myself.