KD at pg? Cheese

Anyone else run him at pg? He’s a monster there I was using him at SF and just wasn’t getting the production you’d expect from KD. I used to run tmac but the team just runs so much smoother with KD at the 1 and Tmac at the 2. Haven’t lost since making that adjustment.

Wow what a discovery… lol.

I need that pd Porzingis. Lmao I don’t off ball or 5 out and most of the people I run into are. So I don’t even feel bad.

Dwight Howard is a monster at PG too. He’s like a fat kid Ben Simmons with a hint of Ezekiel Elliott if he played basketball.


I love running shaq at point. The man is a genius playmaker and is so money from deep.


I run cousins at point and magic at center