KD and Kyrie in Brooklyn Interview

A lot of key things I seen but this is the main one


One of his best friends saying that. Interesting.

Only a matter of time before Kyrie turns on all of the Nets’ young players.


Kyrie in two years: I left because I didn’t want to be in KD’s shadow anymore.

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Sometimes, I feel like I dunno wtf Kyrie is talking about.

This is not one of those times. Couldn’t agree more with what he said. Sure KD has some agency in the decision. But medical staffs have to protect players from themselves.

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Kyrie gonna ruin that franchise once the Ls start piling up


I don’t think Sean Marks will allow those two to create a shitshow.
He’s RC Buford’s best student and he did an amazing job so far.
Just a couple of years ago everyone saw the Nets as a dead franchise and now they have one of the brightest futures in the league.

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Nets Gang

i doubt it bro the talent on this team will be better than the celtics

Been a “nets fan” since they moved to Brooklyn as that’s where my dad lives.

Their squad on 2k is absurd right now.

Will be interesting to see how it all plays out.


Explain to me how Danny Ainge finessed the best trade in history for those draft picks.

All these top picks…

Yet more of those picks are now DEAD (1) than all-stars (0)

I don’t look to Kyrie for insight on basic geology, nor physiology.


The Celtics wasted their opportunity to win imo. Giving a max to Brown will be a death sentence.


Nah that team wasnt that great last yr and Kyries production wont be much better than Dangelo

How did they waste their opportunity? You must be a huge Horford fan because Kyrie and Kemba is the same shit just like IT was.

Kemba isn’t no Uncle Drew bruh.

Kyrie was a diva too. Much rather have Kemba. Kyrie was sickening last yr, the only thing keeping me from hating him was the thought of him luring AD over

When they had a ECF tier squad, a boatload of draft picks, and both Jimmy B and PG13 we’re available. That opportunity was wasted because rather than offload those picks for real, guaranteed talent they were hoarded and wasted away. Meanwhile Jimmy and PG both got traded for peanuts.

I get that you’re a fan but if you think all those draft picks culminating in Kemba, Brown, Tatum, and Kanter is a good thing you’re in complete denial.

I’m not in denial. I wanted them to trade Brown for those 2 guys mentioned. I wouldn’t trade Tatum for Paul George or Butler either, I think he’s gonna be a star some day.