KD and Bird will have

Like all hof shooting badges+Hof d stopper on Bird, its gonna be lit.

New set next week thought.


Bird on st Patrick’s day

Bird / KD > lEbrOn

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Can’t be compared.

Bird and KD won’t have hof dimer or Lebron’s dunking ability.
They will be better shooters.

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In a world of people who live by the three technically that means they fit the meta

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I didn’t say that they won’t be top tier card, it’s just that they have different roles.

But I’m sure there will be people running KD at point.

Order of Priority

  1. KD
  2. Bird

I’d say kd will have d stopper

Bird will have D stopper no doubt

KD I doubt it, maybe rim protector

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Bird will also have elite playmaking.

Bird had dimer last year…I think lol

Not HoF dimer but sick stats and badges http://mtdb.com/18/players/larry-bird-4

Why on earth would Kevin Durant have Hof defensive Stopper? Unless this card is current KD or from the last 2 years he definitely doesn’t deserve it. He didn’t start playing defense till like his 10th season in the league. Never even made any all defensive 1st or 2nd team. I believe this will be OKC KD because that’s when he was on the cover of 2k.


What badge he gonna get then?

kd should have zero strength

Calm down g his old card had it so I was guessing and hoping this one would too

I do think KD will have Defensive Stopper tbh they slapping on badges for anyone anyways lol

KD wont have defensive stopper on HOF.

Larry might doeeee.

KD forsure will have:

HOF Limitless, Deep Range Deadeye, Catch and Shoot, Difficult Shots, Tireless Scorer, Midrange Deadeye, Relentless Finisher, Corner Specialist, One Man Fast Break I think.

That makes 9 badges and he prob will have 11-12 in total. I could see him getting Pick Dodger, Acrobat, and/or Posterizer so maybe he won’t have Defensive Stopper lol

I feel like they will hold out on defensive stopper for his inevitable playoffs card. He should have all of the shooting badges and most of the finishing badges though.