Kawhi wants out. Prefers LAL

Huge news damn

Or the RAPS ??? :stuck_out_tongue:

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You know im trolling right ? Ur not the only one :wink:

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Lets go LAL!

I’m not going to lie… I see Danny Ainge grabbing this REAL quick.


Celts tried getting him at the deadline. Time to kick up that offer


I remember posting in a thread here like a month ago that PG13, Lebron, and Kawhi would end up on the Lakers this year and all you nerds laughed at me and said it would never happen. Feels better than pulling a pink diamond TMac to be right about that

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Lebron+Leonard will be great for LA :stuck_out_tongue:

Luol Deng, Hart and 25th pick for Kawhi.

Kawhi and Bron in LA? PG13 stuck in a cornfield in OKC? :corn: :rofl:

No he can come too.

Salary cap my friend.

Salary cap much?

Lakers have room. Deng just needs to go.

They have space for two max contracts. and they have assets to trade Deng. They could EASILY fit the three my friend

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If they get rid of deng and randle they have room for 2 stars not 3…

Deng and Ingram or Kuzma or he goes to Boston

Randle is off books already. ONly Deng needs to go.

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Depends who the spurs like more Brown Ingram or Kuzma. and if the Sac pick is worth it too