"Kawhi to Lakers -> done deal" Carlo and friends edition - day 1

Alright, first of all.
This has nothing to do with normal Lakers fans and the Lakers still had a great offseason because you guys got AD.

This is just about a certain few members acting like propaganda bots and just ruining every single attempt at a discussion because of their "sources, “kid prodigies”, “Woj being paid by Clippers” and other garbage.
And according to them Kawhi was a done deal and next 5 rings were in the bad.

So, my boy @Carlo221 , you’re still young. Hopefully this teaches you a lesson to not trust random people on the internet and to stop annoying everyone.

@Kobe6Rings as a honorary guest. Grown ass man denying any possibility of Kawhi not going to the Lakers for a week.

I’m too lazy to dig up all of those posts, maybe later, too much “internet” going on right now.


In before lock. But it had to be done

A salty raps fan


In b4 :closed_lock_with_key:


Couldn’t do this in the thread it all happened in?

Nah, cause I promised Carlo to call him out when Kawhi doesn’t go to the Lakers.


We got warned about this yesterday. Abosultely in B4L :joy:


I haven’t insulted anyone, soo.


this for sure getting locked lmao

The amount of trolls and trolling done on this site every day is just perplexing. The amount of trolls not being banned is also perplexing. Ban like 10 dudes who just can’t stay normal (not like they ever were) and all issues resolved.

Half day gotta click mute on half the topics, too funny.

Boogie and Marcus Morris better be by their cellphones.

Edit: what 12 mill left

Why would I be banned?
I wasn’t active last night, have I missed something?

Because I clearly remember you and carlo just posting pictures, gifs and whatnot whenever we tried to have a discussion that didn’t involve Kawhi going to the Lakers.

And now you act like some nice guy who hasn’t done anything wrong.
Nothing worse that posters like you.
Sure, we all like to troll from time to time, but at least be a man and admit it instead of calling the moderator, lmao.


Harry said yesterday to cut the shit and don’t make threads like this but somehow we are here. GG

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Gg …

Edit: What d-man said.



Kawhi played Lakers so hard. So beautiful to see. Cant wait to see them assemble a team of 35 year old Lebron, AD, and a bunch of 30+ year old vets :grinning:


Yall think AD gonna walk when Lakers dont make the playoffs this year?

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Just think this through. Kawhi had the option of playing with Lebron and AD. But said no, give me PG. I thought people wanted to play with Lebron…