Kawhi Price

Kawhi is already going for sub 55k? What’s he gonna settle at? He looks really good

Damn. Thats so low lol

43k lmao

LeBron is too much popular

For real? About to cop quickly

Kawhi with his defence, nice release and 3pt plays… for 40k it’s crazy

Pack look juice

I just picked one up for 30k

I’m guessing he gonna get the Lillard treatment 20k

people are so dumb. hes better than the pd. 30k?? lol

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Ripped 20 pack box, 10 pack box, and 3 singles…
2 [language] Varejao
3 Ruby Damon
And that’s about it. Meh

I don’t think he’ll get that low. He’s around 45k right now. I was just able to snipe one.

So are we thinking 40k a good price?

Damn I’m gonna be home in 2 hours. Hopefully price doesn’t go up

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Servers are so slow right now… Ahhh

Time to snipe

Damn this card is juiced af for 50k what the hell.

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Just missed him for 33k.

Probably can make a nice profit in a few days off this card if you get it for 30ish.

Missed again for 30k lol

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