Kawhi Leonard to the raptors soon ๐Ÿ‘€

Check woj tweet

Just saw that. Wow

I really hope that Poeltl gets traded to Pop. Could be great for the 1st and only austrian NBA player.

Uhh ohh

Wow another tweet about it

I canโ€™t believe it. Kawhi on Raptors. I canโ€™t even see that. DeMar on Spurs?!?

Raptors bad trade why trade derozan when itโ€™s not certain that Kawhi will sign long term lmao

I swear if Kawhi sit out in Toronto then he just a bitch. I can see why he would sit out during Spurs but complaining about not going to a team he โ€˜desiresโ€™ now thatโ€™s a little much. Really Kawhiโ€ฆ

Doesnt matter if he plays this year or not. Heโ€™s not gonna come back to Toronto next year so they lose regardless. I donโ€™t see why they would trade Derozan.

Itโ€™s a win win for Raptors mate, they donโ€™t want any of their current big money contracts, because its leading them nowhere, DeRozan is just a chucker who molds under pressure and plays no defense, if Leonard leaves, fuck it, at least they will have some cap to play with next year with plenty good FAโ€™s, their other big money players will be under 1 year deals so wonโ€™t be hard to trade either.

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Hopefully they are just getting Kawhi knowing that he will not stay then hopefully trade him at the deadline for some pieces then rebuild

Iโ€™m also curious about his contract situation, having him with bird rights would make Raptors be able to offer more money? I mean, PG stayed in OKC for money, you never know, a year can do a lot, but fuck knows what Leonard wants, i donโ€™t think even he knows. :joy:

@raptorsbenchmob how do you feel right now? Raptors are finalizing a trade of DeMar DeRozan in a package to Spurs for Kawhi Leonard.

Toronto is dumb and desperate as hell, theyโ€™re not keeping him lmaoo

Ive been trying to tell yall this was gunna happen. I just hope kawhi actually competes. Its obvious he wants to go to la. But give us one good year to compete for somethingโ€ฆ tough to move derozan. I feel like deebo is gunna feek pretty waxed by toronto management. Ballsy move by masai. Do i like it ? Im undecided. I do like that he has the balls to make a hard deal to hopefully improve the team. Just hope kawhi isnt a fuck face and actually plays. That being said might be time to acquire his pd for the ole raptors squad lol

Dude they arenโ€™t going anywhere, there were already rumors last year that they tried to ship DeFrozen anywhere. but had no luck, worst comes to worst they shed some salary.

Its just dumb, Kawhi dont even wanna be there. Maybe they try to flip him again.

Where exactly does he want to be lol, and it aint Lakers since they signed Lebron, dudes dumb AF.

LA and they traded him as far away from there as possible loll