Kat soft post up compilation

Saw this on youtube didnt know his game was like this

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Lmao I just watched this on YT like 10 minutes ago. Now I didn’t watch it all, but all of those dudes except Gallinari are some strong ass motherfuckers. Steven Adams literally broke up a fight the other night with one arm lol. However, KAT needs to toughen up in the post for sure.

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Embiid > KAT


It’s honestly crazy that towns ain’t that strong. Man probably should’ve been at the gym more instead of play pubg with simmons

This is common knowledge and easily a fact at this point


Stating a fact #Facts


Yeah i was on the toilet and i saw the video on youtube

KAT is a pretty distant tier of center behind Embiid, Jokic, Boogie, and AD if you consider him a 5 which he has been all year. KAT is in the B tier with Vucevic, Gobert etc

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Lmao boogie held him off with one hand

RIP Boogie :disappointed_relieved:

“Shut up you will get injured soon” :joy:wtf


KAT isn’t a Center man. He’s a PF that’s miscast because the league has gone so small. He has no ass to back defenders down with. And I feel like he doesn’t actually know how to post up, like every example there he looked like he had no ideas other than to back the defender down and when they didn’t budge he was like “ummm…what now?”

Kat needs to hit the squat rack mans can’t back anyone down

More like 25 strength

He had 35 and 22 the other night. Soft players usually don’t get 22 rebounds.

Facts it’s really funny how Wiggins went from being the most hated player in the league to KAT. Wolves can’t catch a break lol

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Wolves = More like puppies Lol
But D.Rose is Ballin’

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I watch the wolves JUST for Drose

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