Kareem Users

I have invested most of my remaining MT into Kareem. I know he is a defensive and rebounding monster but have not really maximized his use offensively. I feel he is slow and that ball control is an issue. Normally looses ball in traffic near the rim. I’m really having second thoughts if I want to move forward with him and thinking I can get back Dwight, AD and upgrade lebron for the MT im getting back if sold him. Anybody else feels the same? or the opposite of what I’m experiencing.

I feel like for his value he doesn’t do enough offensively. Defensively no question he’s a force around the rim. It’s difficult to work the paint/ post this year

He’s an inside post game monster for me. I do have that addidas green rebounding shoe that boosts his inside game to 99 so that might be it. If you haven’t used the sky hook, that ish is money!

If you try to dribble through traffic with him, even if close to the rim, that’s not ideal.

You’re supposed to score with him from a back-to-basket post position. Maybe you can do triple-threat face-up driving if you’re ISO’d in the post.

Otherwise, it’s just getting him open looks from mid and three.

He’s not supposed to be like a Boogie or a Jokic, who can both create fairly well when faced up, off the dribble.


Yeah he’s not a face up big. If you use him correctly he’s the best card in the game. Back to the basket, clear out and work him down low. Drop step, spin, up and under, kick out, hook, man can do it all.

You shouldn’t dribble with him unless there’s no opponent around. I use him for a lot of pick & Roll and Pick & Pop, he’s absolutely a beast. His release is very quick and smooth, one of my favourite. I don’t play a lot of post games due to the post game being ineffective this year. I only take a few spins here and there, never tried skyhook (It cannot even fall in when playing against CPU). I have mine with a DI shoe that boosts open 3 and passing accuracy.

thanks Guys might go practice some post moves later. WIll hold off on putting him up a couple of days

Yeah, like everyone is saying… he’s the back to the basket post god. The HOF Post Spin matched with HOF Posterizer is so much fun on weak sauce centers. BUT, he’ll definitely bang some open mids and 3’s off screens as well.

I score a lot of points off fast breaks with him. He has 92 speed, is 7’2 an he’s equipped with HOF posterizer, which makes him the best transition finisher in the game.

He’s definitely the fastest and quickest center in the game on par with the diamond bill and a potential diamond wilt. The second i started using him he’s been the best center in the game bar none, i dont even have a 3 pt shoe on him. I haven’t posted up with him a ton but so far its been pick n’roll dump off which already gets him like 10-15 pts a game. He rolls so quickly to the basket sometimes and with his height, it gets ridiculous. Also hits the 3 well even at a 78 rating.