Kareem or Opal Giannis at C?

If u could only choose one, which one is better?

Ummmm Kareem by a mile. Nobody can compete with that man

Is he REALLY that good ? I mean, DRob looks already on the same level, or even better

If I had to play a game for my life Im taking Giannis.


I picked G after trying Kareem but having Drob was also a factor. I like Drob better tbh. Kareem has some stuff missing + release is too fast for what he is missing. Great postplay & that but Hakeem offers the same for 1/5 price. Ignoring the fact that noone works the post.
Drob > Giannis > Kareem = Hakeem with speed grinches (imo).

Giannis easily.

Giannis is also better than Drob but his owners worked so hard to get him they will remain delusional. I don’t blame them I would to.


for a win, Hondo ? :joy:


On the contrary, Drob was extremely easy to get :grin:. Kawhi was that one.

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That’s true they did make Drob a cakewalk :joy:

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I get your point tho both have +s -s .

Giannis better dribbler obviously, better passer, better shot blocker but Drob better shooter, better rebounder, bulky. Defensively they are not too different If someone stops your movement, dribbles; Drob offers a better escape in the post, if anyone does it nowadaways i dunno.

85 3p Dm Shaq with Dirk release will end all these conversations don’t worry :sweat_smile:

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Fixed, respecfully.

Game is unfortunately played on halfcourt or maybe on full mostly.


Kareem = Hakeem ? This is serious ?

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Hakeem with speed grinches who is around 100k now = Kareem with a 3p J shoe who is around 500k now.
Kareem is not x2 better let alone x5 price difference.

they both have ‘eem’ on their names but thats about it

I can’t see how honestly , Kareem jumper it’s the best big man one , and he always a stupid gazelle in game . He is like Giannis and AD , stats can’t teach how they are in game due their body type and defense stance

Well, no hof c&s or corner specialist it didn’t mean much to me tbh.

You’re all free to try tho, sell your Hakeem for 100k & buy Kareem for 500. If you end up happy, lemme know. I don’t see a difference worth 300k+ after trying them all.

I agree with you for next gen. Kareem is dope but Hakeem causes problems. It’s one of those situations where on the court they are equally as productive type of things.

All of them will shoot good , but a way faster jumper it’s way more needed on difficult games .
Hakeem is way slower , less LTQ , hustle , vertical etc plus he miss meu hof badges for C like
Rebound chaser or brick wall

Btw best big men release for me on nextgen is Bosh. Super smooth & fast, feels like Exum base fluid.

My point is Kareem is obviously better on paper but he costs x5. I don’t see that price difference worth of stuff on the court with the way game is played atm on nextgen. 500k card has to murder 100k one frequently.