Kareem or Giannis?

Unsure which of the two to go after, going with Giannis means I can lock in Pippen who can run my offense and allow me to slide Tmac to the 2 - or is Kareem a far better option?

Kareem and it’s not even close because 99 Giannis won’t be able To stop him


I think Giannis , those hop steps are ultra unguardable he can pro 3 hesi and a faster jumper .
Kareem you have better defense ,
And you can have Giannis and resell after … at this stage I think sounds better

The thing selling me on Giannis was that it would allow me to lock in Pippen who can run my offense, so that Tmac can purely score at the 2.

I guess the question is if the benefit of having both Pippen and Giannis outweighs Kareem

gotta catch 'em all bro


Played a guy who had Kareem on MTU and contained him pretty well with Giannis and Evo Porz

The guy wasn’t great but he wasnt completely awful

Pippen sound like a end game PG too , But just wait for new cards tomorrow

People will kill me , but it’s facts
People on my team madness run the offense way more trough Pd Giannis then Kareem …
But Kareem is the ultimate lane defender

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True but Giannis is a very close 2nd in the lanes

Ye for sure

Made a post on the Kareem mosque thread. I had enough MT to chase both and tried both. KAJ and it’s not even close. Giannis was better, tricky for my opponents to guard, but if you want the goddamn cheatcode of this game, get KAJ. There is no flaw. And you will feel a smirk all game at the power you have on ur team. Is it unfair? Absolutely. Will you piss off your opponents? Yes. Will you have fun though? Yes. Why the fuck not/

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I mean if Giannis and Kareem are close to cancelling each other out, then Pippen would really sway the odds in their favour - but I hear so often that it’s KAJ all the way but idk Pippen looks great, and allows Tmac to play SG rather than PG

How your normally run your offense ? Giannis have more option with the ball on his hands

Hmmm yeah I guess I would want him on ball most of the time, so that kind of makes having Pippen less valuable right? Below would be the lineup

No , Pippen feels for me like the better role player in the game ! Perfect defense and long
But why not waiting for tmr ? Ahah

Yeah I’m waiting for tomorrow for sure, just want to get peoples opinion - just nervous to not go with Kareem and then it turns out to be a huge mistake once I lock in Pippen haha

With Kareem you lock the MT, it’s gone. You don’t look the market at all. With Giannis and no Pippen, you can take a big 2K play.

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Kareem will never be a mistake for sure , but he still a big man with big sigs

If you can afford it, I’d pick up Rashard and Giannis today before they’re outta packs. See what drops, test Giannis over the weekend, go from there.

Don’t have KAJ, but Giannis has been an absolute terror. Do think giannis will be cheaper to pick up down the road since I don’t think many folks are locking Pip from these super pack pulled Giannises, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he ticks back up to 2ish million.