Kareem or Bol Bol

Looking for advice. Anyone here have both. Which one do you prefer?

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I feel like Kareem is the better card overall. Bol Bol seems kinda more ‘fun’ or ‘quirky’ than effective. However he is a bit more meta. Kareem is still one of the toughest cards to stop in the right hands. Edge goes to Kareem in my opinion.

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Do you like 15ft skyhooks?


Kareem is the better “quality” card. He won’t limit your team in any way, and will generally always make the good play / get good animations.

Bol Bol will easily abuse some players, and become a general non factor against others. Peaks and valleys.

Do with this information what you will.

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Do you 5 out?

If the answer is No, then Kareem is your man.

The answer is yes.

Bol Bol at PF for offense
KAJ at C but matched up with the opposing PF

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I do 5 out. I thrown my C in the corner.

Can Kareem hit corners?

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I don’t like getting sky hooked against?

He can… But… I hit more with Bol.

Part of me is hoping Kareem tanks tonight, I might give him a second chance and run KAT/Kareem off the bench.

I’d GO Dwight still viable?

Dude, no

He seems lightning fast and has great stats and badging.

Fouls too much

Really? Is his tendency trash?

Yea, he flagrant fouls out of games


I feel like Tacko will be a walking foul too so I’m a little hesitant

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I need a new center. I just don’t know if I should wait it out for GO Hakeem.

Duncan’s better than taco. I just have him in case I run into someone who’s good with him

Embiids nice if you have enough tokens