Kareem is better than LeBron. Change my mind

  1. MJ
  2. Kareem
  3. Wilt
  4. Magic
  5. Kobe
  6. Bill russ
  7. Lebron
  8. Bird
  9. Shaq
    T-10. Curry
    T-10. Duncan

I’m happy to say there’s a conversation to be had for Kareem. Even as the GOAT. But Kobe at 3 makes this obvious troll obvious.


lol curry

These threads are fucking stupid.


According to you 6 others are better than LeBron also. The list isn’t worthy of a response though


This guy is just looking for attention. So annoying.


Me: i guess ill check the forum
Forum: “a wild hot take appeared”

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Wilt and bill Russ ahead of Lebron oh shit

Kd over curry IMO, but long way to go in there careers

Kareem isn’t better than Hakeem lol

Long way to go?? Curry is the only unanimous MVP in league history with 3 rings on top of that. He’s already there

Dude… You can’t be serious

How so?

How is Duncan not in the top 10.

This is the only problem I have with the list. I’d bump curry out for TD, and probably have him behind KD as well.

Leave the post alone to make him embarrassed guys, No Duncan, Kobe over LBJ, lol


Duncan, Hakeem, Dirk deserve a place more than Curry in a top 10

And bro, Wilt over Magic ? Kobe and Bill Russ over Lebron?

Nah, no way

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If you want to have a hot take like this, at least explain your stance a little bit so there is more direction to the discussion.

KD, is 1 time mvp, 2 finals mvps 2 rings, 4 time scoring champ and 30 years old, I’d say there’s some things either could do to sway the argument. A lot say kd is the best player in the world right now, would you say curry is?

These lists never make much sense to me. You must clarify the criteria by which you judge a player.

Is it individual stats? Then the GOAT is Wilt.
Is it winning? Then the GOAT is Bill Russell.
Is it versatility? Then it’s Lebron.
Is it dominance? Then it’s Shaq.
etc etc etc

Sometimes these lists feel like we’re comparing apples to oranges.