Kanye Dropped!

Donda now available on streaming platforms. Have fun y’all

Bruh even Donda dropped before 2k22 gameplay


Listened to a few tracks, sounded pretty much the same as his last couple albums which is to say a little stale. Lots of tracks though, it’ll take a while to get all the way through.

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From all indication, this album isn’t that good.

Only listened to a few songs but idk if this the 1 lol hopefully this shit picks up kanye shit is always a little different but this is beyond what i was expecting lol

Love Kanye man, but this album ain’t it.

I do like that he dropped it on a sunday

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With all due respect, cold take. This album lived up to hype. Of course all opinions are respected, but Ye doesn’t miss

i prefer listening to a horse pooping than to this album

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“tell me you didn’t listen to the album without telling me you didn’t listen to the album”


donda, donda, dondaaaa, donda, donda, donda, donda, dondaaaaaa, donda pause donda donda donda

Best song off the album

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Donda is on par with the best of his past work IMO. I think it’s worth a listen if you’re on the fence.

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