KAJ or Hakeem

So I have about 400K in MT. Lock in the set for Hakeem or grab Kareem? I already have KD, Jerry West and Worthy so I’d need to grab Kawhi, IT, Hondo and the rest of the set. What do you guys think?

Get KAT instead. That way you won’t have to lock in the set.

Good call! Hopefully he’s not going for an arm & a leg.

Hakeem has hof defensive stopper and rim protector though but if not having those isn’t a deal breaker get kat

That’s what I was eyeing. Tough call. If I can get the rest of the set to unlock Hakeem for really cheap with the crash coming up, I may just do it. We’ll see.

I would go for Hakeem. My friend has KAJ and when we battle Hakeem always kills him. KAT will be good if you don’t want to lock the set but most of the card you mentioned are pretty cheap and end game players/role players

KAJ if you can manage to get one with a diamond shoe boosting his open 3 by 9. He’s faster, bigger, quicker, and has a much smoother jump shot in-game. I have both though so I cannot complain about either.

Kareem all day. I have the all the player from the clutch closer but I didn’t lock the set. Kareem is simply much faster and taller. I’m kinda waiting to see if we get a PD KD to not. If not I think I’ll just go lock the set and have Hakeem starting as PF or as a bench C/PF.

I appreciate the feedback and keep them coming!

I almost won a Kareem this morning but lost out on a last minute snipe from someone else. I hate hat you can’t up the maximum bid until you get outbid. Hopefully more will show up with this new promo but I don’t see it happening. Just never know I guess.

Haven’t tried Kareem but I personally love my Hakeem. Grabs me boards, plays great defense, finishes well inside, and hits his 3’s. Kareem seems more like a true Center while Hakeem seems more like a C/PF.

What can they improve upon with KD except HoF Rim Protector?

I think his PD might get 80+ Strength and that’s huge cause I love to go small and have him starting at PF. Also he might get HOF Posterizer if he throw some crazy dunks in the playoffs. But yes I agree with you his Diamond is already end game the PD is not gonna be much better

Can’t say for sure he’ll get a PD either. Warriors could very well lose to the Rockets or Curry could get Finals MVP and earn a PD without KD getting anything.