Kahwi at SG or SF?

What do you guys do? Is he too undersized to play SF?


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Real question! He may be better at 2… :joy:

I was playing his amethyst at 2 and he is damn good! But maybe a bit slow

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He can play either, but to say he might be undersized at SF? How big do you think a SF needs to be? Sheesh

Everybody runs giants at SF… SuperSweat is crazy.

Well let Kawhi pick pocket those bigger players then. And post up only works offline anyways so you shouldn’t worry about that. Height is seriously not as big a deal as some people on here make it.


small forward

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I ran him at the the 3 has fine there and at the two. Dudes a beast but I had to sell him. He’s going for way too much.

Also, kawhi’s animations are sub par. His dribble animations suck, he seems slow and his dunks seemed to get blocked a lot for some reason. He either seems to go up in slow motion for a dunk he gets blocked on, or a soft layup. He doesn’t seem to dunk much for me either given his high rating, HoF posterizer and 100 tendencies. Definetly not worth 500k IMO, more like 200 tops. Only cards worthy of 400k plus is KD and T-mac.

Kahwi’s great on paper but he’s one more bad game from me selling him already lol

Fact. I CANNOT STAND his amethyst card anymore. He feels so damn slow and his animations are terrible.

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I agree. He’s about to be sold. I can’t believe how underwhelming he is lol

I have amethyst PG-13 with a diamond shoe at starting SF and amy danny granger with a three point shoe off the bench and I cant see anyone ever replacing them. Granger’s release is too good and PG;s animations are crazy good. Granger is a sniper also and can shoot from anywhere, and can speedboost

Yeah, I’m about to dump Kahwi and bring back PG13. PG13 is sooooo much better. Haven’t tried Granger yet.

One of the best shooters ive used this year. With the shoe he’s got a 99 three ball across the board. Cheddar

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I read people complain about his animations.
I guess they are the same as on his Amethyst card?
I’m thinking to get him to play him at the 2. Maybe even at the 1 or as ball handler for some. Possession… And I wonder what you don’t like on his animations?
I’m mainly a park guy, so I know quite all the different animations, how to speed boost, when and how to use the animations and so on.
And I wonder what you don’t like?
I tried his animations with the Amy and I haven’t found a problem. Good stepback, OK moving hesi, moving behind back OK, or the combo between legs into crossover makes good space and so on. So I’m really want to know what the problem is? Serious question
I just think his rhythm dribble is not the best because it’s only effective when going to one side only

Edit: but I would mainly use him at the 2 as shooter and defender, not as primary option

You guys need to stop using him like he’s Tracy McGrady or Kevin Durant. It’s simple, 3 & D!

Hopefully I’ll be able to get Amy Kawhi with a 3 point shoe pretty cheap now that this ones out :smirk:

Not so simple. His shooting motion is so convoluted people can close out easily. His dunks get blocked or he loses the ball all the time. And playing defense in this laggy 5 out nightmare? Forget it.

My 2 cents.