Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in

Hey all,

Some of you may remember me from 2KMT Central in the days of NBA 2K17. After some unpleasant experiences (spending money on VC and regretting it, taking rage quite losses and 2K “support” pretending they didn’t exist, and terrible comeback logic biting me one too many times), I skipped MyTeam last year…but I’m back. They suckered me in with the PD LeBron code, even though they stole it away. My free PD code also glitched, so my team is poop right now, but I still love sniping and the quantity of locker codes and improved gameplay have me intrigued enough to jump all the way in.

I have modest goals this year: create an all-time Cavs team without spending a cent on VC…and taking that team on a 12-0 Unlimited run. I know that will be difficult because an all-time Cavs team is going to cost a lot of MT, especially when we get a PD Kyrie, PD/Galaxy Opal LeBron (that they don’t steal back from the community), and that team will have weaknesses that go against the meta in a major way, but I think I’m up for the challenge.

Where I’m At
-Amy Dwyane Wade (with a Diamond 3PT Shoe) is my best player by far
-Once the badge market recovers and I can sell all my snipes, I’ll be around 300K MT
-I’ve done almost no domination and a little bit of Triple Threat against the CPU, and won my only two Unlimited games against fellow trash squads
-I just got to Sapphire tier in the token market, and getting those has been very slow-going
-I’m up to date on all the active locker codes, so there’s no more MT or Tokens to be mined there
-Picked up Dantoni as my coach today

What I Need Help With
-Is it worth it to complete Domination and spend some mind-numbing hours playing Triple Threat so I can get guys like Amy Terrell Brandon, Amy Larry Nance, and Diamond Baron Davis? I wouldn’t be running any of the other token rewards on my team
-Is it possible to compete in Unlimited with undersized point guards? With my all-Cavs theme, my point guards this year are going to be some combination of Kyrie, Baron Davis, Terrell Brandon and whatever version of Mark Price drops, and they’re all small. Running LeBron at the point when I get him is straight cheese, but is it necessary cheese against the likes of Giannis and Magic?
-Are rage quit losses a thing in Unlimited? That might make me lose my mind if it’s still a thing.

Sorry for the long post, but I’ve got a lot of catching up to do! It’s good to be back with you guys and with a fresh, more laid back outlook on the game. No money, no rush to get every new OP card, and a more fun game than last year’s. Cheers!


Welcome back. May Ronnie have mercy on your soul.


You in for a rollercoaster my guy GL

I’d do dom for the tokens and MT yeah, it’s a good way to start. As for the undersized PG bit, you’re probably going to struggle with it. Hardly anyone is playing PG’s at PG unless it’s Magic.


It’s a fun idea. I did it way back in 2k13 with the 90s knicks, and lost nearly every game I played. Then I did the 2012-4 Heat and still lost a lot. The difficulty lies in the fact that many of the cards you will have to use have different releases and play styles from your own. Good luck.

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Conventional wisdom is that running small PGs, for most people, is either setting yourself up to lose or making winning a really tough proposition. Magic, Oscar, and wings can bully them hard in the paint. And bigger wings with quick releases will drain threes right over their contests.

I say go for it the mode is called my team for a reason. Most people on 2k too dumb to take advantage of a small pg anyway. You should be fine.

  • Domination yes mt wise but rewards are not promising, they are useful in domination games of course. TT is too boring for me, no comment here.
  • No, as usual. Need a big guard or small guard with many (7+) hof badges.
  • No, thankfully. It used to go crazy in weekends but servers are better now. It’s still a thing but it’s kinda rare especially compared to old 2ks. Just play critical games in weekdays.

Hey!! How’s it going?? So glad you are back!

Competing in MTU with a small point guard is absolutely possible as long as you are able to steal the ball frequently and have the IQ to make the necessary switches in case the situation is desperate.
As long as you have Bron in your lineup you should be fine, as you can put him on Magics and save your PG for a shooter/non post up threat.

Yesterday I played Vs a friend who was trying pink diamond Giannis at PG and it wasn’t really a problem for my sapphire Lonzo Ball, since he can steal the ball and Giannis can’t shoot. It’s true that Lonzo is a big PG, but not this big compared to 6’11 Giannis :joy: