Just wanna say thank you

As a myteam head since the mode was added to 2k finding a community that does more than complain has been tough. I think this forum is the best for 2k talk. The community is really diverse as well. I havent had as much fun just lurking in forums since my OS days. Thanks 2kgamer and everyone here who make this site a daily stop for me. I say this as i type from my work computer… Thats how great its been here.


You should look up the KAT locker code thread. Good laughs. :rofl::rofl::rofl:


We are all oddly very similar here lol



Master Level gif. well done.

Heal the woooooorld, make a better plaaaaace singin

Welcome to the club fam!!!


I love this community

Top flight community of the whole world, Craig!!



You should join this HoopsNation discord. The people there are chill.

Great post, really fantastic community. I pop in for my 1 or 2 comments every day lol, and at super random times, sometimes 6 am, sometimes 11:30 pm.

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ehhhh i dont know about that. i joined a discord with someone i knew and for the most part everything was cool until one of the dudes “thought” he was joking around with me and started joking in a homoerotic way. i called him out on it and he got so mad he looked up my real name, my job, and where i lived… so im a bit weary to get too close with people i dont know. i got a wife now too so maybe down the line ill join. mind you this dude was a principal of a school in Texas. it was really weird.

Damn man that seems wild.

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