Just unlocked PD Tim Duncan. Is he better at Pf or C?

Where do you position do you guys play Tim Duncan at? Any tips for scoring with him and best diamond shoe?



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Based on your lineup, I’d leave him at the 5

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Starting 5 looks amazing. Bench 4/5 looks a bit weak on height and defense but if that works. Definately keep that lineup.

Would u consider going for issel? Hed be what u need for bench 4 or 5.

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I run him at PG. He is fire.

Might as well bench him because of equalizer /sarcasm but seriously

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I wanted to, but today is my first day playing Myteam since the beginning of the round. I don’t have enough time with there only being 3 days left in the round. I’ll try for Issel Tuesday. I’ll give it one shot. I’d rather Pd Larry Johnson.

I’m gonna upgrade my bench with the PD Token rewards. I’m about 50 tokens away from next Pd. I’m thinking Grant Hill or Paul Pierce. Not sure if mutumbo will be better than Camby.


Pray for me. I’m gonna try to get another Pink diamond

Mutombo is amazing, i assure u that you will like him. If u have alot of mt, try his amy and youll see the difference. But you cant go wrong with pierce or hill aswell. Comes down to what u feels right, camby is better then what some suggest.

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Camby is averaging over 14ppg for me and 3.2 blocks. Hard to just throw him away. He’s fast and can close out well on Defense.

Thats awesome, definately comes down to what works for you. Some guys rub these runys that well this year

Put the diamond Adidas shoes that add speed to Camby he’s more fun with those!

That’s what I have on Camby, the diamond speed shoe. I think mine are Nike. Not sure. It’s the diamond shoe where each shoe is a different color on feet. I think purple and yellow

Kyrie I think

I have the Adidas on mine can’t remember if it’s the Lillard’s or the other

nice congrats man - how do you unlock this card? Is it through token rewards?

I got duncan and i start him at center he’s a beast man forsure… And i threw the PG 3pt shoe on mine so with coach boost he got a 82 3 ball its deadly :muscle::fire:

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C and Nike Foamposite was my choice.

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I run home at the 5 & put white Kobe AD on him because I didn’t have to buy it. :upside_down_face:

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