Just uninstalled the game

I can’t do this game anymore. Went 12-0 every month last year with no cheese other than OOP. This year it feels like every other game I hop in it’s EQd out. My players won’t even do normal things like dribble correctly. I brick open shots without reason while my opponent shoots lights out from half court. Then the next game my players are like gods on the court and I get an easy win. But then I feel bad for the other player because I know there was nothing they could possibly do to win. Nothing. It’s started to affect my mood and I’m not having fun while still putting in a lot of time to the game. That means it’s time to move on. I love basketball and have enjoyed browsing this site but it’s clear this is a sorry company that is consumed by greed. I think the EQ has gone from making it easier for new players to now being a means to make sure that you’re never too successful at the game and the “near misses” keep you coming back for more (just like battle royales). Time for me to move on. And if you’ve read this far: sorry for ranting lol. TL;dr: I just did the ultimate rage quit and uninstalled the game


If you have hate in your heart let it out. This game sucks online.


Reinstall and post snipes for the squad


reinstall and sell your MT if you done, might as well get as much out of the shitty game if you ain’t gonna touch it

Never done that. How do I go about selling? Have about 250k

Wait for the next opal to drop and you can probably sell it for around $40 and buy a game worth playing

i would create a thread on this site and sell to reputable people (you are probably going to have to go first in the transaction)

you could make around $20-30 if it’s worth your time

That’s tuff we’ve all been there give it a week you’ll cool down and reinstall .

You on Xbox1 or PS4 OP?

Well said, its exactly how I feel.

Shame that the grind for the best players is thwarted by the game just interfering with the outcome of such a high % of plays. At this point I’m just using the game to kill free time, and I do like the community on here.

Going forward, I have no faith they’ll remove or even tone down this EQ - its too essential for them to keep low-skill players coming back.

It’s also there to try and push high-skill players to replace their “broken” cards.

Sad, but true.

Xbox 1

Nothing today huh

It’s funny. This weekend I had to psyche myself up to play unlimited because there’s nothing else for me to play I’m tired of playing the CPU. I try to convince myself to play through the BS no matter what. Then I get on, my players feel like they’re running in sand while opponent turboing all over the court. Swatting at air on block attempts, passes going right through me, bricking open shots, teammates doing whatever they can to not be open, guys pulling up for a jumpshot on what should have been a dunk or layup, watching my opponent get bailout passes with tired players etc. It’s just too much this year not sure what to do now.

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Yeah, all of this combined with the fact that I have a LG C9 OLED w/ Variable Refresh Rate, Auto Low Latency Mode, 600 mbps internet, and this game lags like complete shit, makes me on the road to uninstalling pretty soon myself.

I have always loved the team building aspect of MyTeam, and the auction house, etc. It’s just gotten to the point where it’s a rinse and repeat effort, driven by a company completely blinded by greed. Nothing ever changes or is even fixed.

It’s quite the sad state these days, and seems like it will only continue to get worse.


I’m too lazy to uninstall, I just play less and less every week.

Played some Civ V this weekend for like 30 hours or somethign crazy. Fiance said it looked fun, so we started a multiplayer game saturday and spent like 15 hours playing sat/sun. So fun, and stress free.

Might be time for me to take a break from online comp gaming. Starting to feel like pro-gaming has really hurt the core of what video games were about.

I just don’t enjoy the frustration anymore. It’s a game, not a job.

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