Just too obvious and disgusting (2K bias against Celtics)

Being that 2k is in California. They’re obvious and oblivious Celtics haters and i ain’t C’s fan (Rockets for that matter).

KG shitty ass jumper
Ray Ray another jumper that has nothing to do with his actual release
Tatum best card Diamond
Pierce another fucked up jumper
Bird least HoF badges from any GO’s no dimer, rebounder or pick pocket.



Suck it, Boston.


Pd Bird
PD Russell
D Reggie Lewis
A Bob Cousy

All gods.


Don’t want to argue your thesis, but you should blame the players for these 3 releases, because they each got a custom release that’s been recorded in the gym like they do with current players :sweat_smile:


DI Brandon Ingram in the rewards section proves 2k are fellow Lakers fans.


Just like Harden taking stone age to shoot? Not sure if serious.

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Go blues


I haven’t used Harden, but if you go on YouTube and how Ray Allen, Pierce and KG used to shoot, you’ll see that they got a customized release.

It’s not like they had lightning quick releases irl :sweat_smile:

Its not like 2k does all kind of custom releases for retired players ?

For what it’s worth, Tatum played like a diamond all year, but he should have been in the Next set if those other guys were. Lol.


They were in previous 2Ks as active players. Both Pierce and KG were in 2K16 for example.

It’s certainly easier than having Dave Cowens come to the gym and record his jumper :joy:

:microphone::musical_score::notes:…Dream of Californication …:musical_note::notes:

Also that this Nike is in Oregon they made all time Blazers squad looks like 1st Dream Team😉

Something wrong with this drop. Bird lacking badges, Magic and Bird tendencies…

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They’ll update this, no worries.

I agree with KG and Pierce, but RayRay shot is smth else.

It’s undeniable though that he has his custom shot in the game

You sure about it🤔

He had one of the cleanest shoots ever, not this freakish from the back of the head- in game release…

For me is close to Melo in game shot.

Pretty sure they will update Larry badges, he was one of the most versatile players of all time, no way he gets 16 HOF badges

Also, the Dave Cowens treatment cannot be overlooked. He’s goated, and imo the best PD in the game, ask my boy @DisrespectfulKO (he fookin hates him)

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This is it. This is it!