Just starting NBA 2k20 today, what to know?


NBA 2K20 will be a monthly free game on PS+ today. I have played 2k myteam before, from 2k16 to 2k18 (I still sometimes play 2k18 but mycareer since the game went offline some time ago). Is it even worth start playing myteam now and what should I know about it?

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If you have no plans to play 2K21 than nows probably a great time to start myteam. Most of the market has crashed and there’s a ton of offline challenges to build your mt and get you some elite cards.



Don’t do it


I’m starting Fifa 20 today so I know what you feel towards NBA. But please…RUN while you can :joy: :joy:
That’s literally the only advice

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if u like basketball its not horrendous sometimes lol. team building is fun. to start, at this point i would avoid the larry bird challenges and just get d cam reddish, d roco, and pd walter davis from the normal and historic spotlight sims respectively. locker codes are super clutch at building up mt at this point in the year. if you can run a triple threat team with the three players i recommended you will be in a good spot to start earning mt. the lineup i would run once i could afford it is


Thanks. What about locker codes? Are there some that came out a while ago and still work or do they just drop a lot of them and I should keep an eye on them?

Locker codes galore if they all work

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plus all the creator codes you can find here and around twitter. there are tons


there is some that’s active , but most of the codes is available for 1 week only

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Try to get GOAT Larry Bird in the spotlight sin challenges. They are fun to play with a low overall team, and it will grant you some MT and good cards.


Oh damn, one of them expires in 3 hours. But the rest of the active ones I should be able to grab still.

Completely agree on this . You should probably use those players club codes first things too so your not using complete useless players against the CPU also.

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Thanks a lot guys for the locker codes info, they should come in handy.
Btw, I know the stress of myteam, I’ve been there. So I will definitely try to avoid hard grind and will not spend any money on packs. But it’s good to know that it’s possible to build MT and maybe still build a somewhat competitive team. The game will probably be online for another 2 years, the only problem is that the cards market will dry out eventually.


You can definitely play no money spent I’ve been playing for 2 months and have a great team and loads of mt

The bird challenges will give you a good amount of mt and a great card at the end

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What about gameplay? Everybody still cheesing 5out and ISO with big point guards just like 2-3 years ago?

Yup not just point guards :joy: a lot of centers can speed boost and shoot threes. But yeah everyone does 5 out and basically cheese that’s the only way of winning lol

Kareem has 98 speed , 97 3pointer and guard like dribble style
do i need to tell more? :joy:

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Oh god. So it’s probably gotten worse than 2k18 somehow.