Just sold all my MyTeam Shoes

I just badged up, D Contracted, and shoed up my Sapphire Lonzo lmao — still have 840K MT.

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lol i did mine a few days ago i got about 75k cant beat that

Lineup is now…

Limited Hibachi
Sapphire TMac
Amethyst Gay
Sapphire Serge
PD Hakeem

Sapphire Zo
Diamond Ray Ray
Ruby Darius
Amethyst Worthy
Diamond Wilt

Sounds like my lonzo lmfao. Badged him up and gave him foamposite and have Kerr. He’s dope. Except that mid-range is a hot pile of shit haha

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Mine has the PG2K17’s and I have Casey.

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Casey is great. I only switched to ker because I was bored haha

I was gonna do this too I did the calculations it would be like 163k

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I like Casey because pairing most of my wings with he and Red Kyrie’s boosts the three ball across the board.

Do it man!

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I can only imagine how many shoes some of the bigger pack-openers have…


Makes sense! Btw if you haven’t already and have spare MT I’d reco pd rondo. His animations are too nice. With foams and a 3pt coach he’s got an 89 three point shot with a great release

I love my undersized point guards, but Hibachi and Big Baller Brand are going to hold me over nicely until PD Roy comes out.

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I’ve been doing this slowly with my bronze and silver shoes… I still have over 300 shoes to sell :sweat:

Lonzo is great man. You’re gna have so much fun. I love owning PDs and diamond guards with a saph. Once you get down his behind the back crossover straight to a shot he’s money from the arc. Also his stepback!

Same process as when you hitting up Veronica :blush:

Jesus man you guys really gonna peddle this in every thread?

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Yep until everyone do it

small guards definitely are the way to go

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When this game first came out, I bought all gold shoes for 250 mt bids for over a month. It took over a month to sell off all the shoes I had plus what I pulled from packs and TTO. Over 1.2 mil in mt, I had to quick sell tons of bronze and some silver.

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Got around 100k just from quickselling my bronze shoes. Win