Just realized. You don’t have to be good at 2k. Just buy PD Tmac

Just used this Pink Diamond Tmac card in freestyle and he hits from half court on the regular. Has no weakness. Elite badging and speed. I Took him into a friendly and ended with 37 points only missing 3 shots on the game. This isn’t Tmac … This is God disguised as Tracy McGrady

You are selling him aren’t you

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I hope he is

Nope just gonna keep him. Way too good to sell


Excited to buy when he hits BIN soon.

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@hazardousphrat I’ve never used a card this good in any version of 2k. Closest would probably be last year’s 98 Kareem but this Tmac could win on a team full of rubies

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Cool back to my fist 5 out plays in our match ups LMAO

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Also PD Kevin Durant is down to 159k mt with 9 minutes left with Red Kyries on

Run it I thought u were. I think I figured out how to slow it down a little bit. The 3 point play kills me if that’s the one you’re talking about

Cool. sticking Draymond on him. Selling my Wilt since he has that duo. Running Hakeem at 18 mins a game now lol

If PD Tmac hits BIN, I wont even touch MyTeam next yr until playoffs


I would say sell as much as possible. Because these new cards 2k has been dropping are better than the old ones for cheap

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I think he will definitely hit bin. Those packs are too juiced for him not to hit bin. I pulled him on my first pack plus a diamond shoe. @508G37 this card is the definition of cheese. In any other version of 2k they would have had to nerf him