Just realized my 100k Joe Johnson snipe sold for 171k

On PS4. I was worried I was going to eat 10k when I seen them all stagnant at 100k bid. He’s hardly better than amethyst James Worthy. It sold somewhere around 4am eastern this morning. Is that actually the going rate for him?

I saw one going for like 190k and was like what in the hell is going on?! I saw one earlier for 100k but I just couldn’t buy it. I think that was a fluke. A ton of them barely get picked up for more than 100,050

2k messing with the market

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I definitely noticed the influx of badge cards, and coaches such as Kerr. The market for them was HIGH even after the KG promo released. After this week it’s a different story. The market is flooded with em.

Damm that’s crazy. I sniped one for 75k and thought about putting him straight up for 100k buy now but went auction instead… Probably ending pretty soon but not home to check it. I’d be ecstatic if mine sold for that. Expecting 100k, haha.

Why does he sell for so much, john havlicek has 356 more attribute points than him and has a cash release, and its not like joe johnson is a big name or anything

I fully expected either 100k or unsold. I noticed there was 1hr between my JJ auction and the next one so maybe that helped but still KG can’t be worth a 170k card that eats bench.

That KG can do some damage. I am contemplating locking it, sike, I just can’t. His player model is so damn ugly. His head is bigger
than the basket.

KG’s card boarder is pink not light blue. That’s all.

Bruh honestly I’ve played against him and he’s not a huge factor ever

My guess is that you got a perfect storm of at least two players who really want to get KG and both may also have not known what the card should sell for. And/or just got tunnel vision and go too competitive about bidding.

Let me know the results

I think it’s probably 2 different people that put two big bids on him thinking that they’d never have to pay anything close to what they bid.

is it still worth it to snipe him? how much is he going for on PS4