Just realized hoarding throwback cards is huge

With the other 40 percent of players getting the game for christmas , I’m thinking they will want to buy these sets that have been out for months already.

Generally speaking, I think so. The curveball is reissue in Token market and also potential re-release at some point.

I’ve been trying to get one of each, or just about, but not quite sure when to sell.

But have had same thought about timing in relation to big influx with Christmas…and the delay until they have MT to spend.

theres for sure gonna be throwback elite super packs based on these past few weeks tho


I am selling around 2-3 weeks after they drop out of packs. I dont know who buys those at that price, but i net a huge r.o.i. like 3-20x of initial investment…

I am on PC though, btw there have been barely any players up from the current sets, i guess that changes with the Nate drop…

I hoarded 50+ throwbacks nets and magic so yeah. Gotta Sell Them Tomorrow if their price is Up.

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On PC, unless you’re glitching VC, or buying MT, you have to make sure you buy one of everything and then sell later, after expiration has made them rare. Because, as you know, people will play super idiotic prices.

Same goes for console, in terms of buying 1 of everything, but it’s a low multiple, and not necessarily a multiple.

Some of these throwbacks net some really decent mt returns. I have sold cards like emmy bob Lanier for 30k when the market is dry. I’m hoping I can get rid of my stash before we get tb packs

Before i quit MyTeam this was my biggest MT earner. Buy an emmy throwback for 900MT flip for 3-5k a few weeks later. Easy MT


It’s bulletproof. The only problem is that it doesn’t really make sense to hoard a bunch of the same card and clog up the AH inventory.

With just a few exceptions. Emerald Yi Jianlian is one of the cards that was worth buying at or below 1000, and sitting on a couple dozen and then selling for 3-5K because he appreciated pretty hard, and fairly quickly.

But I wouldn’t buy a bunch of dupes of him now, at 2K, to sell at 4K.

The thing that bugs the shit out of me is the tediousness of checking prices. I’m the sort of guy that I need to make a fucking spreadsheet and list out lowest present BIN to determine what I sell at and that takes ages. Been too lazy to do it, but I guess I’ll take on this project - along with selling Fantasy Dom jerseys - at some point in the new year.


I just recently realized that i am sitting on a gold mine basically…
I collected Heatchecks und Silvers on the low to lock in sets for PDs, after i unlocked Duncan & Pierce i decided no more locking, just grinding free tokens (63 in under a week so Hill will be mine soon as well)
I started selling them along with the Throwbacks and basically already made a Million and still a shit ton to sell… And i thought i couldnt afford Klay… however i kinda fell in love with the idea of locking in Anniversary 2 for GO Blake after someone mentioned it here…

I finish throwback collections and let them sit without locking :wink:

Yup, exactly. Collect and complete, don’t lock.

I’m a cheapskate and have only allowed myself to buy Oscar and Mullin, insofar as ~100K cards are concerned. Have most Historic sets complete or near complete.

Ruby Mo Pete was a great one too. I got 3 for 10k and flipped all 2 weeks later for 20k a pop. But generally you are right, 1 or 2 of a card and that’s it otherwise you’re pricing against yourself

Definitely figure out a good time to sell those. You never know if 2K adjusts drop rates to make Silvers plentiful and completely fucks the value of what you’ve collected. Don’t be too greedy.

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This is exactly what I do, and you’re right it’s very time consuming and tedious putting them back up if they don’t sell.

What I’ve started doing is not taking them out of my auction outcomes tab if it’s not a good time to sell them. This frees up space in my auctions list.


Yeah, if you can guess right on some select cards, then it makes sense. And if they’re somewhat pricey to begin with, the return in gross MT is worth the AH slot.

One can also play this angle when timing AH general market peaks and valleys. Price crash: buy Gerald Wallaces to sell when market recovers.

But this has gotten to be sketchy proposition this month, as expected.

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Definitely. I’m all clogged up because I tend to spam auction bids on low OVR cards and I’m too cheap to dump and feel compelled to hold stuff like EM bullshit until I can make at least 1K off each card. So I never have enough space to clear new results, even though I always fully utilize the one slot I have in regular Inventory.

At one point, I think I had like a dozen EM Isaiah Riders and Kenny Smiths, each.

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I have taken a loss on a few players, Ruby Caldaron being 1. I grabbed 4 at 5k and sold all 3 for the same price, after tax i lost a little but overall i think you could predict it somewhat easily. Of course MJ and the likes tank cards in general pretty hard.

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Yeah…during December reaming of the market, you cannot expect to profit off a simple market timing flip unless you are getting an especially low price even during the market trough.


I don’t think there is a limit, this year either. Only shows 50 but as soon as you “collect” a card the next is visible.

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