Just pulled ruby Michael Jordan in TTO how is he?

Have any of you guys used him yet?

I really liked the feel of him, really fast good D but his shooting makes him almost unplayable

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Yeah he’s good fun in weeklies etc. Even better if you have the duo with saph Kobe. Not bad for a freebie at all

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Fun card with lots of classic jordan animations. Was a good tto card early in cycle.

He kills it for me in MTU… I even put a diamond shoe on him (Open Mid). Plays as starting SG. AlleyOop/Posterizer god. Steals everything. And so on and so on. Will replace him only with Kobe or Another MJ.
Even makes 3s when catches pass from stockton wide open as his release is one of the best.

That dude have 27M :open_mouth:

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You can get 1million for 7$ on PC :sneezing_face:

Nice 82 overall team you have there. SMFH

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How often do you have those This day in history packs in TTO, guys?

I only droped McAdoo, so missing three players, might try to get them, every card towards CWebb is good.

I’m sure those bronze cards are killing it in their 48 mins per game


Only seen it once in about 15 games. I usually play more but I’m running up a sack on mycareer

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They do :slight_smile: I was playing with timings and thought why not let it be. If we all do that maybe 2k will remove that friggen matchmaking system.
And again, thanks to Chinese bots for us PC users having so much MT on the Auction House.

No shame in your game, I respect that lol

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I played against him quite few times in TTO and his dribling and dunking are amazing, but you can just sag off, which help to contain him, PD Jordan with good shooting going to be nuts.

Yea, he’s no good in TTO. But with Cutter plays in MTU he’s deadly

Do pc players have to spend all day finishing transactions? Cause that’s a lot of bins if you spend a little bit…