Just pulled Red Kyries who to put on?

Who’s the best player to put red kyries on? I am so happy I pulled them that I really can’t think who off the top of my head that I’d want them on

What system you on?

If you’re on Xbox put it on PD John wall id buy it


Feels bad man, maybe put them on Ben Simmons

Oh damn… I might just have to

Just check what price the current ones go for first, some prices are all over the place at the moment. But I’d buy it if it’s on pd wall and I’m sure others would too lol

But you would make more profit on other guys tho

If you have Giannis put them on him.

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Those kyries on John Wall would be amazing just haven’t seen any on Xbox since he first came out.

Me too,I’m on PS4 but been looking for him with them but it’s not a fan favourite for your normal commercial players lol

John wall in this game is very slept on. He’s what the PD dwade should play like in game, as well he’s got a much better release

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Wayy better release! And he gets free throws like crazy and his animations

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Those 360 layups. And dunks

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Just found him on PS4 and bought him straight away lol.

How much? Lol

90 lol prob bit more then I should of but I should be satisfied lol

That’s not a bad price at all. Now just need one to pop up on Xbox

Haha hopefully he does, I legit refreshed it one last time before leaving the house and bam lol

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