Just pulled JRich

Sell him? Keep him? Thoughts?

He’s good just didn’t get dunks off for me try him out tho and then make your own opinion

I already have JR playing the 2. Can JRich play the 3?

Too small

Wondering when’s the best time to sell him. Especially with MJ anniversary tomorrow

Now probably or hold till he’s out of packs could go out to Vince prices

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Did you sell yours?

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Yes I sniped for 57k and sold for 68

yeah he doesnt dunk as much as id like but hes better on defense than i anticipated. also he standing dunks under the basket pretty often its hilarious how high he gets on those animations lol

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Yeah I pulled him twice just now. Using him in freestyle. He seems like a flat out beast.

He’s really good at shooting. I made a lot of 3s with him in the 2 tto games I played and they were really bad shots. He doesn’t dunk as much as he should as of now: