Just pulled Jimmer in a single

My heart, omg. I almost died. First PD woooo!


Good now go play your cousin and pull those limitless 3s in his grill. You show him who’s boss

LOL. I’m low-key about to sell him

Gotta experience the jimmer range before doing that


I pulled him earlier too, and right to auctions he went- 100K Starting Bid about an hour or two ago. If I wanted to launch limitless 3s as a 6’2 white guy then I’d just go to the gym.



And I got a mean post fade too! No limitless at that court with that wind tho.

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Limitless beach chicks

Yea this beach (Venice) is actually not ideal actually for limitless 10s (limitless dimers haha). Huntingon Beach during the US Open of Surfing is where it’s at. Now watch this thread get a million views and I forever ruin Heaven.