Just Pulled GO KAJ (Need Advice!)

Hey guys I just opened a single for fun and pulled freaking kareem xD

This is my lineup but I also have PD Hakeem, should I keep Hakeem in the lineup? If yes, who do I take out?

Sell today, buy back later


Yeah that’s what I’m thinkng, but in the long run I still have to figure this out :stuck_out_tongue:

If he sells for say 500k today, youg et 450k net.

And if he settles around 350k?

You gain 100k but how logn does it take for him to get to 100k?

Is that waiting period worth 100k to you?

Right, I’m definetly buying him back during this week, maybe weekend, my main issue is about the guy he is replacing as a starter, PD Hakeem, where do I slot him now?

Keep KAJ , he’s endgame center in 2k19. At the end your every cards get no value and you will buy 2k20 lol


I’d sell. He’ll be cheaper Friday. And he’s not part of a set. Supe em up. And send him on his way. You could probably get the same one cheaper later.

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Yeah I know that’s what I’ll do, I’m aksing about my other bigs though, ayton,cousins,pd hakeem and robinson, now that I have kareem technically one must go, who?

Kaj or drob? Lol

Opal Rob probably gonna have like 88 open 3

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Hakeem is going for 70s now. I’d try him out. He was 130-170 yesterday. Cousins is money tho. He’s automatic from 3 if he’s open

I have PD Hakeem already, so should I switch Ayton for PD Hakeem? I don’t want to get rid of drob right now, I love his animations :stuck_out_tongue:

Who do you think is better Hakeem or Ayton?

You low on MT? If not keep Kareem

He’s 650-750k now where do you think he lands Friday??

Idk I haven’t got to play with him, but if it’s KG that comes out that’s another big man. And He’s an anni, ppl will sell to get the anni. Non collections seem to be falling. But ppl love Kareem. I think he’ll fall to 5- high 4s like kawhi did.

You see it’s going to Derrick Rose? I’d hold him.

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I think hakeem is better only because of his animations and tendecies