Just pulled diamond tmac in a 10 pack. Worth keeping?

I loved his card last year but not sure how this diamond holds up. Best to sell or keep? I’m also assuming foams are the best for him? Or white kobe mids?

I’d definitely sell my pippen and Ray if I keep tmac. Thoughts?

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Sell all that shit along with ray and pippen and prepare for all star week

Shit just pulled Amy Yi in the same pack.

Tracy McSellimmediately.


Shiet. U think he’s gna dropppp that badly? He’s still a set card so there could be fewer on market if ppl go for lin

Sell him and ray and klay and everybody else at SG/SF.

The OP Cards are coming, dont say i didn’t warn you.


Around 100k i guess.

Shit. But klay and tmac are my favorite players. You predicting better versions of them soon?

Having both is a bit luxury before all star. I keep Pd Klay and sell Tmac.

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I’m actually still with my diamond klay. So wouldn’t be the PD

U can upgrade him with the early sell profit :innocent:

Klay is great I love him but too one dimensional.

These new cards will be demigods.

Defense is also a dimension which Tmac doesn’t seem to exist lol. This card is 100-150k more expensive than it should be.


I pulled Tmac the first day and sold his card after few games with him. My diamond Paul George does the same work… don’t deserve that much extra MT. Better to safe some MT at the moment.

Edit: I actually update my diamond Paul George to the new one with the MT

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Sell sell sell


Fuckkkkk I was hoping you guys were gna tell me I packed a demo god. And to keep haha. I guess I should sell. Gna try him. Out at least. Was mg best card last year. I’ve got the feels.

Hes easily the most overpriced card this year so far. Hes good tho. Just not 500k good


Yeah he’s great but you know the fire is coming.

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Should I put foams on him then sell?

I hate you :joy::joy::joy:

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